Patina Hotels & Resorts —
Richly Layered and Perfectly Balanced

In developing the website for Patina Hotels & Resorts, parallel with the development of the recently launched Fari Islands website, Method Media sought to craft a website that accurately reflects the brand's target audience of discerning travellers with a taste for artful nature. Storytelling throughout the site is done through strong visuals, applied in a layering manner to emphasize texture and as a nod to the brand's slogan.

With brand and design guidance from the London-based agency Latitude, Method Media developed a landing page intended to delight and pull visitors in. By showcasing the recognition Patina Hotels & Resorts have received, complemented with the backdrop of a captivatingly saturated video, the brand's essence of utmost luxury and a distinct relationship with nature is communicated within the visitors' first moments on the page. Nuances of hygiene amplified by the vast whitespace and minimalist typeface, accompanied by the interactive layout and minimal effort journey, works to immerse users in an experience akin to visiting a floating sanctuary.


Patina Hotels & Resorts

Our Role

  • Web Development
  • Web Consultancy
  • Content Management System
  • Application Integration
  • Cloud Hosting Infrastructure
  • Security and Performance

A feast to the eyes and souls of the consciously artful.

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A functionally uncompromised journey, responsive to the user's needs.