Hanare by Takayama —
An Ode to Kamameshi

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Hanare by Takayama offers a unique and authentic Japanese dining experience that emphasises the warmth and comfort of home. The restaurant's soulful and contemporary approach to traditional fares, such as its signature Kamameshi dish served straight from the iron pot with the freshest seasonal ingredients, sets it apart from the rest.

Method Media's approach to designing Hanare's website reflects this cultural authenticity and emotional appeal. The one-page site is sleek and simple, yet dynamic with parallax scrolling and layered textures that create visual depth. The intuitive site navigation ensures a seamless user experience, allowing visitors to fully immerse themselves in the Hanare dining experience.


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Motivated by an emotive appeal that stays true to the establishment's cultural roots

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Creating visual depth through a play on textures and parallax scrolling

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