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Founded in 1974, architects61 is currently in its fifth decade of practice with an impressive portfolio under its belt. Engaging in some of the most challenging and complex projects such as residential, commercial and mixed-use developments, it is an architectural powerhouse that has contributed to Singapore’s unique CBD skyline more than any other practice.

The website designed and developed by Method Media, incorporates an artistic take on the company’s corporate disposition — adhering to structure without being traditional. With its main purpose focused on showcasing the company’s body of work, art direction was careful in maintaining the brand’s identity while communicating its weighted calibre in the simplest way.

This is illustrated through various ways including a Google Map that features all projects succeeded in Singapore. For greater emphasis, we also included a dedicated section that showcases architects61’s history, timeline and leadership.



Our Role

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Revamping the online presence of one of Singapore’s oldest architectural firms.

architects61 - Project Detail (Robinson Tower)
architects61 - Project Detail (Capitol Piazza)

A digital showcase of a61’s architecture work for the world to marvel at.

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