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A proud instalment of Guoco Midtown and a vision of soothing greenery in the heart of Singapore's CBD, Midtown Modern is a botanic resort-like sanctuary designed for future lifestyles. It promises adaptive living spaces that allow the cultivation of what matters most without compromising on convenience.

The pandemic presented a unique challenge of exceeding digital limits - as the sole source of information for potential homeowners, our website needed to be everything an open house sought to be, and more. Delivering a virtual experience that accurately replicates the experience of traversing its 8 Gardens in the Woods, or marvelling at the view from its roof gardens. To reach out beyond the screen and say, welcome home.

Authentically communicating Midtown Modern's vision of nature in the city, Method Media designed its website to feature full-bleed waterfall navigation complemented with a rustic and warm palette. Each page is introduced with a smattering of pixels as a nod to the residency's architecture. Sliding texts and horizontal scrolling lends dynamism and interactivity, while full responsiveness allows flexibility in viewing devices. Further challenging the bounds of digitalscape, a virtual gallery invites visitors to explore the property through an immersive 3D experience. Its clean and polished layout also contributes to a streamlined user experience, simply encapsulating meaningful living.



Our Role

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Delivering an immersive digital experience encompassing nature's opulence that Midtown Modern embodies.

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