By The Bay —
The Workplace, Community and Experience of the Future

Located in the heart of Singapore's CBD, By The Bay is an enriching hub that enables the future workplace, community, and experience. It provides individuals from various backgrounds with diverse possibilities to participate in meaningful conversations and learn new things through fresh experiences.

Designed as an extension to the By the Bay mobile application, the website integrates seamlessly via the app API and requires no additional resources. Visitors are also encouraged to download the app to take advantage of the app's unique rewards and promotions, which are detailed on the website. A vibrant colour palette and the wave graphic emphasises the brand's dynamic identity. Additionally, Method Media's CRAFT CMS manages exclusive articles in its continual attempts to improve search engine optimisation.


Raffles Quay Asset Management

Our Role

  • Web Consultancy
  • Content Strategy
  • Website Design
  • Web Development
  • Content Management System
  • Application Integration
  • Cloud Hosting Infrastructure
  • Security and Performance

Touches of vivid colours and wave graphics help accentuate the brand's dynamic brand identity.

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Seamless integration with the By the Bay mobile application reduces additional resources.