Million Lighting —
Beyond Illumination

Speaking the same language of the design industry, we were honored to reprise our work for Million Lighting from a decade ago. Method Media proposed a bold and typeface-dominant website, paired with a parallax effect and combining strategic use of negative space with juxtapositioning. The result is a site that complements Million Lighting's vibrant installations and prestigious brand. An adaptive content management system was integrated to maintain an organic layout of various image orientations that ensures flexibility and long-term usability.

Designed for both commercial and end-user customers, the website considers these different perspectives. Million Lighting has a rich history of collaborations with renowned architects and designers. To give them the space to impress, we employed the visual gallery treatment on 'Project' pages by placing the hero image front and center. Meanwhile, end-user customers are encouraged to visit 'Showroom' to explore The Lighting Gallery that showcases luxurious interior light fixtures applicable to homes.


Million Lighting

Our Role

  • UI/UX Design
  • Web Development
  • Content Management System

A monochromatic language that directs the spotlight onto the content.

Streamlined, uncompromised exploration supported by responsive design.