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Naruma has its roots in ‘naru’ なる, which means become in Japanese, and ‘rumah’, the Malay word for home. A trio of five-bedroom detached houses bounded together by a timeless, crafted quality, each distinguished by its own unique assortment of living spaces.

The website features full-bleed navigation across a minimal layout with the tiling of each image resulting in an elegant marriage of visual and captions. Its simplicity accents each element with ease and without fault including a customised map highlighting what is within and around the area. The site is also fully responsive, allowing visitors to view it from any device.

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“There is a simplicity and honesty in the design of Naruma, in the inherent beauty of the materials, and the effortless quality of free-flowing space that quietly and elegantly fulfills the functions of home.”
— Ko Shiou Hee, Principal of K2LD Architects

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