The Luzerne Hotel

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The Luzerne Hotel is an unusual meeting of factory and hotel, offering an immersive living experience curated around the culture of ceramics in Dehua, China. Owned by Luzerne, a sister company of Hiap Huat Holdings, the hotel is neighbour to the company's tableware factory where it designs and creates bespoke tableware of the highest quality. To accompany the hotel’s recently completed establishment, Method Media was reached out to craft a website that will kickstart its digital presence.

To reflect the authenticity of Dehua County - also known as the World Ceramics Capital - our approach was deliberate and mood driven. The process begins by strategising a layout that was simple but visually dominating — communicating an overall calm and laid-back disposition. Method Media’s technical efforts have also optimised the website for the domestic audience in China but developed it to be equally accessible to users from the rest of the world.

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The rich spirit of craft quietly simmers around the clock, with stories about life and art to be found at every intersection.

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