Juniper Hill

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Known as the Jewel of Bukit Timah Hill, Juniper Hill is a luxurious freehold development at the prime District 10. Its surrounding grounds are beautifully decorated with landscaped gardens across various levels, creating an elegant living experience immersed in nature.

Strongly echoing the symbolism of the Juniper Tree for protection and health, each page of the website notes an overlaying dark tint across its layout — similar to the shade casted by a tree on a sunny day. This inevitably highlights the prominent contrast of image and text. The site crafted also showcases a full bleed snap scroll function while housing large visual estates that collectively reflects the lush greenery of Juniper Hill.

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A beautifully landscaped location awaits you at Juniper Hill. Multiple levels of landscape and facilities create different experiences for everyone to enjoy. This is truly a home in nature.

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