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Downtown Gallery is more than a retail location. It is a service that invites the community to join in a sense of space and connectedness. As the stewards of the creative direction of photography, Method Media made use of light warm colours to invoke a welcoming atmosphere. The images of the various activities have a sense of dynamism and motion to reflect a place that is made for people and not only to be looked at. The minimal use of models also allows the audience to more easily imagine themselves in the space.

To fully capture the sense of community, the website for Downtown Gallery is creatively laid out as a dining table where a family might share a meal together. The subtle use of animation also creates a dynamic sense of motion and progress. As the visitor scrolls down they will be able to explore aspects of the website among the different ‘place settings’. This innovative approach will also be applied across other mobile devices. With the use of editorials and articles, the website positions the venue as a lifestyle destination where those in the know in society congregate.

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A one-stop location for people to
Look Well, Keep Well and Eat Well.

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