Departure Magazine

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The travel magazine Departure Mag is a start-up begun by a group of upstart journalists and professionals that celebrates urban life and subcultures. It combines journalism with an eye for adventure and exploration, and the website is the perfect showcase for that. The negative space featured in the logotype invites the viewer to explore the unknown. Articles come in four categories, Explorers, Disrupters, Curators and Storytellers, that each reflects an aspect of the magazines DNA. Photography is a key feature of the site with a slide show at the front page and carefully curated hero images in each article that evoke emotion and invite the reader on an adventure.

Departure Magazine - Sculpted Exclusivity
Departure Magazine - Home Page
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Departure Magazine - Sculpted Exclusivity

You depart from an airport, land in a foreign city. You return to a city that you once knew, in a dream, or a memory.

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