Capella Hotels & Resorts

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A constellation of the finest hotels, Capella Hotels and Resorts needed a revamp of their brand and digital presence. Drawing on our expertise, Method plays an advisory role in designing the User Interface and User Experience (UI/UX) based on our intensive research into competitors and industry’s best practices.

Together with Construct London, the brand was well-translated into a digital space. Found in 8 different locations, each property reflected Capella’s iconic aesthetics and functionality. Supported by a pragmatic backend system, updating the website is simplified and web visits are accelerated even within the firewalls of China.

Capella Hotels & Resorts - Global Homepage
Capella Hotels & Resorts - Singapore Landing

Amidst the northern sky’s stellar clusters, Capella is the brightest star of the Auriga constellation. This powerful light is the inspiration and impetus behind the Capella Hotel Group: a formation of the finest hotels and resorts in the world.

Capella Hotels & Resorts - Ubud
Capella Hotels & Resorts - Singapore Accommodation
Capella Hotels & Resorts - Taipei Dining
Capella Hotels & Resorts - Dining

As the Capella star shines out from its place among an intricate constellation, so does the Capella philosophy permeate and unite the group as a single commitment to each guest – the centre of our universe – and the resulting excellence in the craft of hospitality.

Capella Hotels & Resorts - Mobile Device
Capella Hotels & Resorts - Mobile Device
Capella Hotels & Resorts - Mobile Device