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Founded in 1974, architects61 is currently in its fifth decade of practice with an impressive portfolio under its belt. Engaging in some of the most challenging and complex projects such as residential, commercial and mixed-used developments, it is an architectural powerhouse that has singularly contributed to Singapore’s unique CBD skyline more than any other practice.

Method crafted a website that incorporates an artistic take on the company’s corporate disposition by adhering to structure without it being traditional. Consciously designed, its layout encapsulates the essence of form follows function — a congruent principle that architects61 closely abides by in their work. Each page of the responsive website is anchored with a full bleed masthead while communicating consecutive visual elements through the use of curated images.

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In many ways, architects61 has evolved in tandem with the development of Singapore, engaging in some of the most challenging and complex projects that encapsulate the aspirations of the city, and in the process, constantly shaping the city.

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