26th March 2017
Mandarin Gallery – Diagonally not Diagon Alley
A Visual Disintegration that Forms a Whole

Think of Mandarin Gallery and what probably comes to mind is just another mall along Orchard Road. But dig deeper and you might be surprised to find that Mandarin Gallery is home to the harmonious juxtaposition of big-name international brands and eclectic finds from independent local offerings. A cosmopolitan mix pinned towards the lifestyle choices of the young and the mature, the trendsetting and the classic, those seeking fun and also the serious.

We had the opportunity to art direct the images for their newly revamped website. We drew on the diagonal line that is central to the Mandarin Gallery logo as a concept to accentuate the photography and ensure a holistic approach to their branding. The oblique line creates visual direction, be it through shadow play, contrasting colours or whimsical notions. The collaboration with Verb Represents brought across these elements simply but boldly!

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Creative Photoshoot with Mandarin Gallery