Who We Are


Method Media is a creative digital agency based in Singapore with a New York office.

Our passion for craftsmanship, architecture and design, coupled with strong influences drawn from Eastern philosophy and Western culture, is clearly reflected in the agency's distinctive work. We build engaging websites for clients ranging from hospitality, residential and lifestyle sectors.

Method Media have collaborated with award-winning hoteliers, property developers and designers. In 2012, our work with Alila Hotels and Resorts has ranked Method Media as one of the leading interactive design agencies in Asia. In 2015, we collaborated with renowned architect Soo Chan on the Soori High Line development in New York, and in 2016, the agency re-launched the Regent Hotels & Resorts global website.

Method Media is also responsible for all digital communication and design for the residential, office, retail and urban park components of the recently opened Tanjong Pagar Centre, the largest mixed development project in Singapore. It is also behind the digital creative direction for two of Singapore’s most progressive lifestyle malls, Mandarin Gallery and the upcoming Downtown Gallery.


What We Do


We combine the disciplines of creativity, strategy and technology to create interactive web experiences.

We believe that technology has tremendous possibilities to enhance our lives when it is integrated intuitively and naturally.

The experiences that we create are based around the idea of a responsive, interactive dialogue where the audience is given the agency to explore and engage.

The Method to our madness involves a “design-thinking” process that takes into account how the audience engages with the interface and before production is begun. It is then that we create a host of services in the following disciplines.

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  • Strategic Consulting

    Delivering effective content rests on understanding the needs and desires of the audience. We provide strategic support from conception to delivery to conclusion, which includes both brand and digital web strategy. Our comprehensive report and analytics combine the most advanced techniques to provide an accurate snapshot of the audience’s profile.

  • Visual Identity

    We are creatures of style and aesthetics at heart, and lend this visual bent in the form of visual identity support. Our clients have our talents at their disposal to create consistent, creative brand books and style guides. We also produce collaterals and other promotional materials that reflect the brand’s identity and purpose to the world. This service is comprehensive; every centimetre of the brand’s face to the outside will be looked after.

  • User Experience

    At Method Media, we have enmeshed ourselves in the world of interactive design and understand the world of user experiences. Our information architecture and interactive designs engage the audience in a way that is intuitive and unobtrusive. Every step of the audience’s interaction with the brand is accounted for and has been invested with thoughtfulness and care.

  • Web & Interactive

    We believe that the web is part of our future but it is also very much our present. That is why we have built up an expertise of websites and interactive technology. We know how crucial it is to be at the forefront of technology, that is why we see early adoption as simply not early enough. We use these technologies to bring to life the full possibilities of design, and do our part to build a world where the digital and the physical coexist.

  • Technology

    We are much more than just a digital web agency and we know that the human experience encompasses more than just the virtual. At Method Media, we provide the tools that allow you to interact with the digital world through multi-touch devices, virtual and augmented reality and gesture recognition technologies.

  • Content Generation

    By working closely with our clients we create content strategies across various media to create unforgettable experiences for the audience that ignite lasting relationships. We marshal the written word to effectively deliver powerful messages, no matter what the platform, from slogans to travel writing. With our eye for style we create a wide array of visuals from understated photographs, to innovative 3D images, and even stunning aerial shots. Whatever the platform, our content helps you tell the world exactly who you are.

  • Search

    We employ our expertise in Search Engine Marketing and Search Engine Optimisation to help our clients achieve visibility in the crowded search engine marketplace. Through strategic use of keywords and a deep understanding of search behaviour, we make sure our clients are part of the digital landscape in order to increase conversion rates and keep them at the top of their audience’s mind.

  • Social

    Through a sophisticated application of social media strategy that employs owned, paid, and earned media we create engagement, build communities, and keep our clients at the forefront of the digital conversation. We also foster relationships with effective influencers to leverage their communities in order to achieve results and make sure our clients are always where their fans are.

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Our Clients

  • Alila Hotels & Resorts
  • Anantara Hotels & Resorts
  • Capella Hotels & Resorts
  • Cenizaro Hotels & Resorts
  • Guocoland
  • Kheng Leong Co.
  • OUE
  • Pacific Star Group
  • Patina Hotels & Resorts
  • Pontiac Land Group
  • Regent Hotels & Resorts
  • Soori Highline New York
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