14th July 2017
Tenfully. It’s Friday!
Curated curiosities on Web, Design and Technology
© Wang Ning, Jin Weiqi
  1. Twisting Tales: the Chinese Courtyard Reimagined by Archstudio
  2. Japan Marks 10th Anniversary Of Rice Field Art
  3. 6 Modern Teahouses That Are Architectural Wonders
  4. Tokyobike: Rentals – An independent Japanese bicycle brand built on the concept of Tokyo Slow — as much about the journey as the destination.
  5. A Private Buddhist Spiritual Retreat in Tangshan, China
  6. The Creative Process – By Dawn Nelson
  7. Why Don’t We Just Make Everything Out of Recycled Plastic?
  8. WEB VR Showroom (Web VR)
  9. World’s First Braille Smartwatch
  10. “The Language of Glove”: smart glove turns sign language into text for real-time translation