19th May 2017
Tenfully. It’s Friday!
Curated curiosities on Web, Design and Technology
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  1. Shangri-La Hotel, Singapore unveils Refurbished Tower Wing – New Lobby, Rooms, Lounge and Dining Concepts
  2. Modern, Millennial, Memorable: The M Social Hotel in Singapore
  3. PREVIEW: ARTJOG 10 – Grand Opening 19th May 2017
  4. Akihiro Higuchi Finds a Unique Canvas: Oil On A Beetle
  5. Singapore Graphic Archives is an independent organisation that collects and documents graphic design from Singapore.
  6. Run by a bunch of talented young journalists and professionals, Departure Mag is a digital journal that covers travel and urban subcultures.
  7. Blanc Beacon: The Suzhou Chapel by Neri&Hu
  8. Makoto Yamaguchi Design created a bridge between contemporary and traditional
  9. Amazing One Line Drawing by DFT
  10. Enter the Dragon